Pruning shears and palm cutters

Pruning shears and palm cutters are professional tools designed for particularly difficult pruning jobs, or pruning of specific bushes, such as green palms.

PATERLINI's pruning shears can cut up to 50 mm of diameter, and are perfect to prune thicker branches far from the user, thanks to the built-in rod (installed upon request). Their blade, extremely powerful and resistant, is made with top-quality materials, and is available in straight or curved versions, to adapt to any kind of pruning.

Palm cutters are specific for the pruning of green palms, and are therefore the most powerful cutting tools of the entire range. They can cut branches of up to 80 mm of diameter, and, just like pruning shears, they can be equipped, upon request, with extension rods of various lengths, to help users reach the topmost branches.

PATERLINI's pruning shears and palm cutters are available in the version with pneumatic functioning.