Cutting tools

PATERLINI's cutting tools include hedge cutters, for small branches, and alternated pruners that can saw through massive branches in a practical and efficient manner.

Among the cutting tools, our hedge cutters are the fastest and more accurate, perfect for pruning any kind of ornamental, and for this reason also particularly indicated in the sector of professional gardening. Both PATERLINI-made products can be assembled on a rod, covering distances that would be impossible to reach using only a ladder. Light and easy to handle, they allow for very precise jobs, with minimum effort.

The alternated pruner is a cutting tool with very different purposes: it is equipped with a motorised saw, designed to cut branches of up to 100 mm of diameter, making it the main tool for the pruning of tall trees. For the same reason, it is also advisable to assemble it on a fixed rod, in order to easily reach the desired heights.