Brush cutter and electronic hedge cutter

Brush cutters and electronic hedge cutters are part of a single multi-functional system, designed by PATERLINI to supply a complete professional tool to those that need to work on different styles of hedge and small bushes.

The electronic brush cutter has a transmission tube with 26 mm of diameter and a "Hit and Go" head with a cutting width of 400 mm, resulting in a light, effective tool for the pruning of small bushes.

The electronic hedge cutter is perfect for the finishing of hedges and ornamental plants, with its double-blade 550 mm long (cutting width: 25 mm) that can be adjusted in as many as 12 different positions, to maximise cutting precision.

The brush cutter and electronic hedge cutter make up a single system fed by a very powerful backpack battery, with a silent, efficient motor designed for consumption optimisation. In addition, the aluminium body of the motor makes the entire system extremely light and easy to transport.