Pneumatic olive harvesters

Pneumatic olive harvesters are equipped with a double comb, which, closing over itself at high speed, shakes the olive branches in such a manner as to cause the olives to fall. This operation is very gentle on the branches, preserving the integrity and the health of the tree.

PATERLINI is one of the most renowned and trusted manufacturers of pneumatic olive harvesters, with a wide range of highly reliable and high-performing tools for different uses. In addition to models equipped with the new high-speed "SILENT-TEC" motor, the brand has designed specific models of pneumatic olive harvesters for olives that are hard to detach from branches and for particularly dense olive groves, the most common problems of professional olive harvesters.

Among pneumatic olive harvesters, PATERLINI offers a new model, a tool with innovative design that is extremely effective, in which the combs are replaced by long inclined teeth: on one hand, they optimise branch shaking, and on the other, they reduce the vibration transmitted to the user.