Who is RMA - Reggiana Macchine Agricole

RMA Reggiana Macchine Agricole Srl is a young group, founded in 2015, to manage and promote local excellences in the agri-tech sector, ensuring visibility and relevant spaces for the most prestigious manufacturers of machines and equipment for agriculture and vineyards.

RMA's mission is ambitious: over time, the group intends to change the world of agriculture for the better and forever. It is on behalf of this vision that we are always committed to constant research for maximum quality, the most innovative technologies, and the most reliable and concrete solutions for the optimisation of agricultural work.

RMA follows the brands it manages throughout their production process, from initial design to actual manufacturing, distribution and promotion. The strength of this group lies mainly in the field of communication: thanks to its presence in national and international trade shows and to the management of latest generation digital communication tools, the RMA brands benefit from maximum visibility online and offline, reaching a target public they previously did not.

RMA brands

PATERLINI is one of the brands managed by the group, together with TANESINI TECHNOLOGY and CEPAR, brands that manufacture vineyard machinery and electric and electronic equipment for GDO and hardware. These are historical companies that RMA has selected for their long tradition of excellence and quality: an asset of the territory that deserves all the benefits of national and international visibility.