Automatic hose-reels Paterlini

PATERLINI offers a wide variety of hose-reels that enable the operator to work at a maximum distance of 200 m from the air compressor. All compressors and engine-driven compressors can be equipped with a suitable hose-reel. The range includes two manually-operated hose-reels (a STANDARD 100 m long ø 7.5x10 hose version or 150 m- long ø 5.5x8 hose version and a LARGE version measuring 150 m in length and 7.5x10 in diameter or 200 m and ø 5.5x8) and an automatically rewinding hose-reel (100 m. in length and ø 5.5x8 hose or 80 m by ø 7.5x10 hose), the latter being supplied with fittings. Manually operated hose-reels must be set with the proper fittings diameters: ø 5,5x8 or ø 7.5x10 supplied separately.

6x8 Automatic
8x10 Automatic
Double hose reel bracket kit for medium/large kit
9660 28
9661 28
4040-505 -
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